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Monopis Moths

 Monopis chrysogramma TINEINAE TINEIDAE

The genus Monopis is quite unusual. In some of the species, the females of Monopis have an enlarged genital chamber, and the eggs mature in the chamber until they are ready to hatch. The only reliable information I have found was not sure if the caterpillars were deposited after they hatched or if the eggs hatched as soon an they were deposited. (I.F.B. Common, Moths of Australia, 1990).
Some other observers believe they are deposited live. There are of course other members of the animal world that do this. Some types of shark, some fish, some snakes and rays.

The larval food of many of the Monopis moths include animal fibres, feathers, bird droppings, bat and bird guano and similar material.

Sub Family:- TINEINAE
Genus:-  Monopis
Species:- chrysogramma

Not the greatest photo, but I don't see them often.


Monopis icterogastra TINEINAE TINEIDAE

This one is also thought to hatch the eggs within a genital cavity in the female and the caterpillars
are said to be deposited live.

Monopis icterogastra is also known as the Wool Moth.
The larvae of one Monopis species moth was found feeding on soiled sheep wool, others inhabit birds nests.
(See also Monopis chrysogramma above)

Further reading, Page 184  Moths of Australia, I.F.B. Common, 1990

Sub Family:- TINEINAE
Genus:-  Monopis
Species:- icterogastra


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