Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Eudesmeola lawsoni

Eudesmeola lawsoni EREBINAE EREBIDAE 

Was:- Eudesmeola lawsoni CATOCALINAE NOCTUIDAE
 The larval food plant is Scrub Wilga, Geijera salicifolia (Family RUTACEAE).
For those readers not familiar with the Wilga trees you can search for Wilga on
There are a couple of articles worth reading.
With a wingspan around 70 mm it is not a small moth.

Sub Family:- EREBINAE
Genus:- Eudesmeola
Species:- lawsoni


Helicoverpa armigera HELIOTHINAE NOCTUIDAE

The most likely larval food plant here is the common milk thistle Sonchus oleraceus, ASTERACEAE. This thistle is an imported weed but is very common here. I don't know if there are any native plants that it prefers.  The moth is also a major pest on a large variety of vegetable food crops and some ornamental plants.

Genus:- Helicoverpa
Species:- armigera


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