Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Eloasa callidesma LIMACODIDAE

 Synonym :- Lethocephala callidesma.

As far as I can tell, the moth under the name Parasa callidesma in Moths of Australia (Common 1990), may have been a previous name of  Eloasa callidesma
The adult moths of LIMACODIDAE often do not have a proboscis and therefore are not able to eat.
The larvae possibly feed on Eucalyptus (MYRTACEAE).
The adult moths have a red collar just behind the head, just visible in the side photo.

Genus:- Eloasa
Species:- callidesma


Anaxidia lozogramma LIMACODIDAE


The larvae of this species feed on Macadamia (Proteaceae), Dodonaea triquetra (Sapindaceae) and Camellia.

Genus:- Anaxidia
Species:- lozogramma


 Pseudanapaea transvestita LIMACODIDAE (Orange Cup Moth)

Synonym:- Anapaea trigona.
The larvae feed on Eucalyptus (MYRTACEAE).

Genus:- Pseudanapaea
Species:- transvestita


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