Wednesday, 10 February 2016

More Anthelid moths

Following on from last week, these moths are constant visitors to our place. Being difficult to name is no reason for avoiding putting them on the blog.
These ones are quite possibly the same species as last week,(Wednesday, 3 February 2016), but when indentifying them, I found I could not be certain.

Sub Family:-  ANTHELINAE
Genus:- Anthela
Species:- Sp

 Anthela Sp ANTHELIDAE 0719 on  - 7439

 Anthela Sp ANTHELIDAE 2852 on -5370

Anthela Sp ANTHELINAE ANTHELIDAE 0822 on  - 7520

 Anthela Sp ANTHELINAE ANTHELIDAE 2834 -5356


 Anthela Sp ANTHELINAE ANTHELIDAE 2853 -5372


ANTHELIDAE ANTHELINAE  Anthela Sp 1303 - 7840


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