Thursday, 6 August 2015

Early signs of Spring

Genus:- Cosmodes
Species:- elegans

      The cold weather has meant few moths on the windows at night. Then a slightly warmer period a few days ago and this was enough to bring some new season moths.
      The Cosmodes elegans is a common moth here and throughout much of coastal Australia. When new, they have bright green markings on the forewings, leading to its common name of "Green Blotched moth". Over time the intensity of the green fades as the moth loses scales. An older moths will often have the markings on the forewings but without the green colouring. The larvae feed on Lobelia (Lobeliacia) and Verbena (Verbinacea).

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  1. I was so pleased to see this post. I had taken photos of this moth here five years ago and hadn't been able to identify it until now. It is so beautiful with the pale green and brown colouring - I was really happy to be able to finally add it to our own blog with a positive identification. Thankyou.