Wednesday 21 March 2018

Eudocima fullonia CALPINAE EREBIDAE

Was:- Othreis ( Eudocima ) fullonia CATOCALINAE NOCTUIDAE
Sometimes also E. phalonia, and a variety of similar names with various spellings.

Eudocima fullonia CALPINAE EREBIDAE
 When I first put this moth on the blog there was some confusion as to which genus it should be in, so
many sites were putting both names for the same moth. You can see this in the post on this blog in a post on scale tufts on Wednesday, 17 June 2015.

 It would appear that the name has been formally decided on and the correct name now appears to be
Eudocima fullonia CALPINAE EREBIDAE.

Sub Family:- CALPINAE
Genus:- Eudocima
Species:- fullonia

 We have found these caterpillars on our Legnephora moorei ( MENISPERMACEAE ) known as Round Leaf Vine.
They are a fruit piercing moth serious agricultural pest.
Wing span is about quoted at around 100mm but I think ours tend to be a bit smaller.


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