Saturday 26 September 2020

  Thallarcha staurocola

Thallarcha staurocola ARCTIINAE EREBIDAE

A common name for this moth is the "Patched Footman". There are other similar moths in the Anestia genus that are also called "Footman". There is a difference, between those two in that the females of the Anestia genus are flightless while Thallarcha females have functioning wings.
There are also a number of other moths from other genera also called "Footman".

The males of T. staurocola usually have bipectinate antenae, so this moth is probably a female.
I don't have any information on the larval food.
Wing span about 20mm.


 Family:- EREBIDAE
Sub Family:- ARCTIINAE
Genus:- Thallarcha
Species:- staurocola