Wednesday 11 December 2019

 Last post for the year

This is the last post for the year.
Thanks to all the people who have been watching this blog and the few who have contributed information and comments.
To those who celebrate Christmas, I wish you all a happy peaceful Christmas and New Year.


The life in the light

Ever taken a close look at the "dust" that collects in a light shade?
These photos are of some of the tiny creatures that find their way into a ceiling light.
Many of them are leaf hoppers, and other tiny insects but there are a few moths as well. The challenge is to get a good enough photo for identification.
I have marked a couple of moths and I think they will be in the super family GELECHIOIDEA and possibly family OECOPHORIDAE.
Click on the photos for a larger view.


Wednesday 4 December 2019

Pherechoa crypsichlora

 Pherechoa crypsichlora HYPENINAE EREBIDAE

I originally posted this one as :-

 Nola Sp NOLINAE NOLIDAE 1864 on - 0793

A reader, Vic, has been able to help with an identification. See the comments at the bottom.

The current name according to Bold systems is :-
 Pherechoa crypsichlora HYPENINAE EREBIDAE

I so far have not been able to find anything on it's biology.

Sub Family:- HYPENINAE
Genus:- Pherechoa
Species:- crypsichlora