The purpose of this Blog is to make a visual list of the moths that I have photographed over the last couple of years on our property just North of Toowoomba in Queensland Australia.

A visual list is necessary, since restricting the publishing of moth photos to only those I can positively identify could mean leaving out up to half the moths that could be living in this area.

So far I have found over 400 species that I have been able to identify with reasonable accuracy with about 150 I have yet to identify, from our 2 acre lot, and I continue to find new moths every time I look for them.

Mostly the moths are photographed live on a large window and they are mostly attracted by house lighting or a small UV "party light". Occasionally for difficult situations I will use catch and release techniques but this is a rare exception.

I make every effort to identify the moths correctly, however positive identification by photo only down to species level is not 100% reliable. The usual method of positive identification is by dissecting the moth.

If you are able to identify an unnamed, partially named or incorrectly named moth with reasonable certainty please let me know.

You may comment but any comments will be moderated and may not appear for some time until I have had a chance to look at them. This is necessary because there are some people out there who delight in abusing the system.

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September 2019

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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

The end of the project

The two moths I have added today  brings the total of moths I have put on this Blog to over 500.

This is far more than I ever believed possible from our one hectare block, and it has taken 6 years and a great deal of time searching out photos and information to try to identify the various species where possible.

Although I still have photos that I have not been able to identify, they probably will remain unidentified. The amount of time needed to identify the more difficult moths makes it a less pleasant task.

I will continue to monitor the Blog and will continue to follow the moths here and will put any identifiable moths on the blog, however the combination of severe drought, local habitat changes and a massive drop in the number of all insects makes it less likely we will see any new moths.

I hope visitors to this Blog have enjoyed the moths and what little information I have been able to provide, it has been a wonderful learning experience for me.
 Happy Mothing

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