Tuesday 14 April 2020

Leucania cruegeri 


 This week I have managed to find three new moths on the windows at night.
I don't have anything on the biology of this one.
Wing span is around 30 to 35mm.

Sub Family:- NOCTUINAE
Genus:- Leucania
Species:- cruegeri

Edited:- April 22, 2020
 I originally put this on as Dysgonia Sp EREBINAE EREBIDAE

I have since decided that it is :-

Dysgonia solomonensis EREBINAE EREBIDAE

Despite the moth in the picture missing a couple of wing dots that appear in most of the samples, I think it is still D. solomonensis. The wing scales are missing in the area of the dots which is just under the centre loop of the dark patch.
The larval food plant is Breynia oblongifolia (Phyllanthaceae). We have a number of these in the garden.

There is a good photo match in Moths of Australia (Common 1990), using one of the synonyms, now out of date, Parallelia solomonensis Sub species papuana, and on Bold Systems with added notes under the synonym Bastilla solomonensis.

Sub Family:- EREBINAE
Genus:- Dysgonia 
Species:- solomonensis


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