Wednesday 22 April 2020

Catephia linteola

Catephia linteola EREBINAE EREBIDAE

Some sites are listing this moth as Nagia linteola. This certainly used to be it's name along with many other synonyms, however, for the purpose of this Blog, I am sticking to the names used on Bold Systems.
Moths of Australia (Common 1990), lists the moth as  Nagia linteola (GuenĂ©e, 1852) subspecies ecclesiastica.
Although I found some reference to larval food plants, they were from India and not likely to be represented here. One mention of a Corymbia species is a possible but I couldn't find anything definite.

Sub Family:- EREBINAE
Genus:- Catephia
Species:- linteola

They can also be very dark and difficult to see the wing markings.


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