Wednesday 22 March 2017

Teak moths

Hyblaea ibidias HYBLAEIDAE

Although this moth is related to H. puera which causes severe damage to the teak forests through India, Indonesia and New Guinea, the Hyblaea ibidias larvae feed on Bower vine Pandorea jasminoides, (BIGNONIACEAE).
The larvae have an unpleasant habit if handled, of squirting the contents of its gut at the source of the interference. 

Genus:- Hyblaea
Species:- ibidias

 The rear wings are quite spectacular.

The last photo is a moth that has lost most of its scales and is in poor condition. This is unfortunately the state of many of the moths we are seeing. Poor rainfall coming in storms with little in between has resulted in a year with low moth numbers
and very few of the larger moths coming to light at night.


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