Wednesday 1 March 2017

More Hepialidae

This is the last of the Hepialidae moths for the time being. Despite the difficulties with identification  they are a spectacular moth and a frequent visitor here.
I think all these moths belong to the genus Oxycanus.

EDIT August 2018:-  After receiving  considerable help from Ethan from the SA Museum, I now believe that all these moths are indeed Oxycanus  beltista.

HEPIALIDAE 0009 on  -3963
Genus:- Oxycanus 
Species:-  beltista
I believe that all those below are the same.

HEPIALIDAE 0011 - 3965

HEPIALIDAE 0059 - 4057

HEPIALIDAE 9953 on - 4016

HEPIALIDAE 9996  - 4052

HEPIALIDAE 9996 on - 4051

The reason for the unnamed photos is refer to the post February 15th 2017.


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