Friday 3 July 2020

Hypomecis penthearia

Selidosema penthearia

Hypomecis penthearia ENNOMINAE GEOMETRIDAE

Another moth with several competing names.
This moth is listed in some sites as Selidosema penthearia, in other sites as Hypomecis penthearia, and is also listed as Isturgia penthearia.
A very recent book that I have mentioned on this Blog before,"Caterpillars, Moths and their 
Plants of Southern Australia
" published in 2019 by the Butterfly Conservation South Australia Inc., lists it under "Penthearia moth, Isturgia penthearia".

It would seem that the genus Selidosema is possibly the latest name, but on Bold Systems, which
has separate pages for Selidosema and Hypomecis, there is a better collection of photos under the
genus Hypomecis.
This sometimes happens in plant names when the are doubts about validity of the new name.

In order to be consistent I will, for the time being, stick to the main listing on Bold systems which has the better collection of photos.

Wing span is about 30mm.
Larval food plants are Wattles (Acacia).

Sub Family:- ENNOMINAE
Genus:- Hypomecis 
Species:- penthearia


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