Wednesday 10 June 2020

Gastrinodes argoplaca

Gastrinodes argoplaca ENNOMINAE GEOMETRIDAE

One Synonym:- Selidosema argoplaca Meyrick, 1892, (http://insecta.pro/taxonomy/63641).
It is also listed as Hereroptila argoplaca in Moths of Australia (I.F.B. Common 1990), but  is no longer considered as a synonym.

In captivity the larvae have accepted Eucalyptus odorata (MYRTACEAE), also known as Peppermint box, Moths of Australia (I.F.B. Common 1990).

In a fairly new book, "Caterpillars, Moths and their plants of Southern Australia", by Peter McQuillan, Jan Forrest, David Keane and Roger Grund, the larval food plants are said to be "Eucalypts including Malley box, Eucalyptus porosa," (MYRTACEAE). It would seem they could feed on a variety of Eucalypts as well. We have some Eucalypts but no Mallee varieties here.

Wingspan is around 40mm or a little more.

Sub Family:- ENNOMINAE
Genus:-  Gastrinodes
Species:- argoplaca


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