Wednesday 18 September 2019

Diatenes aglossoides 

Diatenes aglossoides EREBINAE EREBIDAE 

With a wing span around 40mm they are a fairly large moth.
They are fairly common throughout Australia including the inland, but less so in the wetter southeast and southwest areas of the country
The larval food plants are Wattles (Acacia, MIMOSACEAE).

Sub Family:- EREBINAE
Genus:- Diatenes
Species:- aglossoides


Uresiphita ornithopteralis PYRAUSTINAE CRAMBIDAE

Sometimes called the tree lucerne moth.  It is found on the east coast of Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia. It is also found in New Zealand. The larval food plants here are likely to be Fabaceae species and Hovea species.
The wingspan is about 30 mm.

I have added a dark version and a lighter version because there is quite a bit of variation at times.

Genus:- Uresiphita
Species:-  ornithopteralis

Darker version.

 Light version.


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