Wednesday 3 April 2019


Palaeodes samealis TINEODIDAE 

These moths are known from cape Yorke and down into Northern New South Wales. They live and feed in a tube between joined leaves of the vine Jasminum volubile, (OLEACEAE).
Although we did have Jasminum volubile, we removed the main plant because it was slowly destroying the tree it was growing on. The tree was much too small for size of the vine.
It is likely there are other samples of it in the garden, and there are at least two other species of Jasmine in the garden.

Sub Family:-
Genus:-  Palaeodes 
Species:- samealis


Oxychirota paradoxa TINEODIDAE 

The early larval stages of Oxychirota paradoxa , which has almost linear wings, are not known.
These two moths are the only representatives of Tineodidae I have identified here and we rarely see them.
Like Palaeodes samealis the main food source is Jasminum volubile, (OLEACEAE).
These two came to the light from the window.

Sub Family:-
Genus:- Oxychirota 
Species:- paradoxa


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