Wednesday 13 June 2018

Grammodes diagarmma

Grammodes diagarmma EREBINAE EREBIDAE

 I would like to thank another moth hunter,  Nick ("dustaway" on Flickr), for identifying this moth.
The moths have been recorded in Australia at Kalpowar near Monto in Queensland, at Dandabah in the Bunya Mountains Queensland, and Mackay in Queensland and Derby in Western Australia and, of course, now here in Toowoomba Queensland.

Although I could not find anything definite about the larval food plants, moths from the genus Grammodes in Australia, apparently are frequently found on plants in the family EUPHORBIACEAE.
It is therefore possible that larvae of Grammodes diagarmma may also be found on these plants. We do have some of these plants.

Sub Family:- EREBINAE
Genus:-  Grammodes
Species:- diagarmma

You will notice the fore wing pattern is very similar to moths in the genus Achaea, particularly A.janata.
See blog entries:-
Achaea janata EREBINAE EREBIDAE Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017
Achaea serva EREBINAE EREBIDAE Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017
Also the genera Dysgonia and Ophiusa and to some extent Parallelia, which is in the Tribe Poaphilini (Erebidae, Erebinae). Dysgonia and Ophiusa belong to the Tribe Ophiusini in the subfamily Erebinae in the Erebidae family.
The larval food plants of all these moths tend to be similar but will vary depending on their location. Many of these moths are spread world wide.

Other Grammodes moths on the blog:-
Grammodes justa CATOCALINAE NOCTUIDAE Wednesday, 1 July 2015
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That concludes the moths from Noctuidae and Erebidae for the time being. I will revisit them later when I have gone through the rest of the families. DG.

Acatapaustus leucospila NOLINAE NOLIDAE

I was not able to find anything on this moths biology, however, the larval food plant for a member of the genus Acatapaustus, in New Guinea, is Eucalyptus deglupta, Myrtaceae.
It is likely that one of the Eucalypts may also be the larval food plant for A. leucospila.

Family:- NOLIDAE
Sub Family:- NOLINAE
Genus:- Acatapaustus
Species:- leucospila


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