Wednesday 5 October 2016

Un-identified GELECHIOIDEA moth

This moth was photographed about a year ago. I have been unable to identify it. It is quite small, probably less than 8mm long in the body. The wings are fairly short and rounded. The labial palpae are prominent, upturned, and look quite sharp. This alone should generally put it in the superfamily Gelechioidea.

This moth has now been identified as Petalanthes hexastera OECOPHORINAE OECOPHORIDAE.
Also see Apr 26 17 re-visting Gelecioidea for the identification of  this moth.   

 Super Family:- GELECHIOIDEA
Family:- not known, possibly HYPERTROPHIDAE
Sub Family:- not known
Genus:- not known
Species:- not known

The main families from Australia are listed below, and the closest I can get are some moths in Hypertrophidae. Even there, I could not find a good match, just some similarity in the forward wing pattern. The rear wing patterns in most cases are dull grey where the moth shown has distinctive  markings.



 Having searched many hundreds if not thousands of photos over the last year, it is time to put it in the too hard basket, in the hope that someone can perhaps come up with a name, genus, tribe or even a definite sub family.

If anyone reading this blog is able to shed any light on the identity of the moth please email me. The address is in the column to the right of the blog articles.


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