Wednesday 26 August 2015

Family Tortricidae

These moths are tiny but numerous, with over 10,000 species described world wide.

Genus:- Crocidosema
Species:- plebejana (possibly)

The three photos are slightly different in colouring and wing pattern but as far as I can find are of same species.
Occurs over much of Australia The Larvae feed on seed capsules of Malavacae including Hibiscus, Abutilon, Malva, Althaea and Lavatera and is a pest on cotton and some other crops. (Moths of Australia, I.F.B. Common).
There is a similar looking, Mexican species, that was imported in 1914 to control Lantana.


Genus:- Conchylis
Species:- fuscicepsana
This is an interesting moth in that it seems to have rather a large number of synonyms. In many of the references, the name Conchylis is inserted in quotes ( 'Conchylis'). I have been unable to find a definite reason for this, although it is likely that the genus is in doubt. There is so little information about the moth that it may not have been fully studied yet.

The only information was that the larval food source is dead Eucalyptus leaves so not seen as a pest. This is another example of a moth with a valuable habit of reducing Eucalyptus leaf litter on the forest floor. Also see my post Wednesday, 20 May 2015.
I usually find the adults on or near two shade cloth areas with lichen growing on them, and some distance from Eucalyptus trees. This is purely circumstantial and may not mean any real connection with the lichen.

If  there is anyone with an explanation of all this it would  be welcome.

Synonyms from Australian Faunal Directory   
Conchylis cepsana Walker, 1863 Walker, 1863 Walker, 1863     Australian Faunal Directory
Conchylis fuscicepsana Walker, 1863 Walker, 1863 Walker, 1863     Australian Faunal Directory
Conchylis mundulana Walker, 1863 Walker, 1863 Walker, 1863     Australian Faunal Directory
Dichelia fusciceps Meyrick, 1881 Meyrick, 1881 Meyrick, 1881     Australian Faunal Directory

From Encyclopedia of life
Capua fuscicepsana Walker 1863     Encyclopedia of life
Conchylis albidana Walker, 1864 Encyclopedia of life   
Conchylis cepsana Walker, 1863     Encyclopedia of life
Dichelia fusciceps Meyrick, 1881 Encyclopedia of life   
Conchylis mundulana Walker, 1863 Encyclopedia of life


                                                                     Family:- TORTRICIDAE
                                                                     Sub Family:- OLETHREUTINAE
                                                                    Genus:- Cryptophlebia
                                                                    Species:- ombrodelta

Cryptophlebia ombrodelta OLETHREUTINAE TORTRICIDAE
The caterpillar of this moth is a pest on a number of cultivated trees:-
Macadamia (PROTEACEAE), Lychee (SAPINDACEAE), Bauhinia species, Cassia with large pods (CAESALPINIACEAE),
Wattles with large pods (MIMOSACEAE), and number of other plants.
The caterpillars bore into the fruit and feed within the pods. (from Moths of Australia, I.F.B. Common).
A number of moths in this family are difficult to identify without dissection.


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