Wednesday 24 June 2015

The changing names of moths

Identifying the moth below I came across a common problem.
I found a good example in the colour photos in the book "Moths of Australia" by I.F.B. Common (1990), and he identifies it as Narycia trifasciana PYRALIDAE. Most of the other sources that I use for identification do not recognise that name.

The Natural History Museum in the UK shows it as a valid name but since the results are from scanned card files, they may not have updated the name, and they do not have a picture or illustration of the moth to compare with.

Morwell National Park Online, has a picture that is very similar to my photo and it is named Lepidoscia characota, Atlas of Living Australia also has a similar moth, so this may be the correct species name now.

Unlike people looking up plants where it is relatively easy to find name changes, I have not been able to find a comprehensive list of name changes in moths. No doubt one exists somewhere.
So for the time being I will say it is Lepidoscia, possibly characota species, previously Narycia trifasciana, and maybe in the future I will be able to get confirmation.

Sub Family:-
Genus:- Lepidoscia
Species:- characota (possibly)
Probably previously known as Narycia trifasciana

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